Finally an application to organise your Dropbox!
Vizzybox lets you manage, categorise and collaborate your Dropbox files.

Vizzybox links to and works in tandem with Dropbox. It allows you to  view, organise and add notifications to your documents, pictures, emails and files.


VizzyBox Dashboard


Vizzybox dashboard brings everything together in one place so you can easily find it. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your information and helps you to view and access your files as well as search for information.


Vizzybox notifications ensures that you always meet important deadlines. The notifications screen alerts you to any outstanding files so you never miss an important date, it also tells you when they need to be dealt with. This screen also shows all of your reminders so you know exactly what you should be doing and when to do it.

VizzyBox Notifications
VizzyBox Categories


Vizzybox is completely flexible so we let you choose how you want to file your documents. Categories is the place where you can organise your files to make it even easier for you when you are looking for a file. The more information you input at the beginning, the easier it is to access it in the future.


The projects screen gives you the opportunity to add another layer of information to subdivide your files so you can make it even easier to access them. It also means that if you are sharing your files with colleagues or family they can search for them under the relevant heading or category.

VizzyBox Projects
VizzyBox Contacts


Vizzybox Contacts allows you to allocate your files to different contacts so that you can not only find them easily but also share files at the click of a button.


When you are looking for something specific Search enables you to quickly find a file. Choose to search by name, category or project and Vizzybox will automatically filter all your files so that it can immediately access the relevant file.


Organise Dropbox files by simply dragging them from Dropbox into Vizzybox. Just drag and drop any file and they will automatically be brought into Vizzybox for you to add a notification or file and label with additional details such as Categories, Projects and Contacts.


Want to see all your files? VizzyBox allows you to see all your DropBox files as well as all files added in via VizzyBox.

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    • Vizzybox individual is a single user account that only one person can access.
    • Vizzybox team allows multiple users to access the same account at the same time - ideal for groups or company use. *$1.99 Per Month, Per User

It’s so easy to start using VizzyBox

All you have to do is provide your name and email address to sign up to VizzyBox (we will not give out this information to anyone else).

Once you have signed in we will ask you to provide your Dropbox details so that we can automatically link it to VizzyBox.

VizzyBox can then be used to manage all your documents so you can easily find them.

VizzyBox allows you to share documents with colleagues and friends.

Automatically send their emails from their outlook, excel and word documents directly into VizzyBox. (Windows users only today… sorry. We’re working on the Mac version).

VizzyBox does not store any of the documents they are all still stored in the Dropbox system.

How to create an Individual VizzyBox Account

How to create a Team VizzyBox Account

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